TerrariaMapTool has stopped working (error)

May 31, 2011 at 3:12 PM

Ok now there is a new error showing up, standard windows 7 error message and here are the details:


Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:	CLR20r3
  Problem Signature 01:	terrariamaptool.exe
  Problem Signature 02:
  Problem Signature 03:	4de445e7
  Problem Signature 04:	Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics
  Problem Signature 05:
  Problem Signature 06:	4c72cce5
  Problem Signature 07:	5d1
  Problem Signature 08:	26
  Problem Signature 09:	System.NotSupportedException
  OS Version:	6.1.7600.
  Locale ID:	1033
  Additional Information 1:	0a9e
  Additional Information 2:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  Additional Information 3:	0a9e
  Additional Information 4:	0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789


I am running a windows 7 64bit installation if that helps.

May 31, 2011 at 9:54 PM

I'm assuming you got that by running it from the GUI.

Could you try to use the command line paramters again to reproduce it. The command line should offer more information about what is wrong.

Jun 1, 2011 at 12:05 AM
Edited Jun 1, 2011 at 12:13 AM

Yes I got that from the gui.  here's the batch file's output



C:\Users\3DBoxx\Desktop\TerrariaMapTool2>terrariamaptool.exe -terraria "C:\Progr
am Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria"
Unhandled exception:

System.NotSupportedException: Could not find a graphics device that supports the
 XNA Framework HiDef profile.
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.ProfileCapabilities.ThrowNotSupportedExce
ption(String message)
   at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice..ctor(GraphicsAdapter adap
ter, GraphicsProfile graphicsProfile, PresentationParameters presentationParamet
   at TerrariaMapTool.MapGenerator.LoadTextures()
   at TerrariaMapTool.MapGenerator.Generate(MapGeneratorProgressHandler progress
   at TerrariaMapTool.Program.ConsoleMain(String[] args)

C:\Users\3DBoxx\Desktop\TerrariaMapTool2>-world "C:\Users\3DBoxx\Documents\My Ga
mes\Terraria\Worlds\world1.wld" -output
'-world' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\3DBoxx\Desktop\TerrariaMapTool2>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps
\common\terraria\Content\Map" -blocksize 16,16
'"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria\Content\Map"' is not re
cognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\3DBoxx\Desktop\TerrariaMapTool2>-layer drawwalls,drawbackgroundwater,dr
'-layer' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\3DBoxx\Desktop\TerrariaMapTool2>-zoomlevels 0.03125,0.0625,0.125,0.25,0
.5,1 -mapdata
'-zoomlevels' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Press any key to continue . . .



hope that helps

Jun 1, 2011 at 12:56 AM

In your batch file you should not have new lines for the statements. That's why it is trying to execute each line as its own program.

The batch file should have

C:\Users\3DBoxx\Desktop\TerrariaMapTool2>terrariamaptool.exe -terraria "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria" -world "C:\Users\3DBoxx\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\world1.wld" -output "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria\Content\Map" -blocksize 16,16 -layer drawwalls,drawbackgroundwater,drawforegroundwater,drawbackgroundtiles,drawforegroundtiles -zoomlevels 0.03125,0.0625,0.125,0.25,0.5,1 -mapdata

all on a single line.

That aside, I uploaded another version. Small change that should hopefully force the use of DirectX 9.


Jun 1, 2011 at 2:27 AM

Looks like its working across all my machines now using both the batch file and the gui.  Thanks for taking the time to fix this so quickly!