A possible fix for the awsome tool

Jun 16, 2011 at 7:36 PM

Hey like alot of other people I had problems with this tool to begin with. I basically had 2 problems.

- 1:    I use a danish version of windows. Problem is, that in Denmark we use "," instead of "." in numbers and vise versa. The thing is, that when the zoom folder are created, the zoom strength is written in danish, fx "0,5" instead of the english "0.5". Problem is that the map file is expecting "0.5" and just shows a black screen instead. So I had to manually change all "," in the folder names to "."

If you want to make this tool really easy even for people like me, then a change in the programming would be awsome. It shouldn't be that hard to change the way the folder names are created so that it will always be "."


- 2:    As it is now there are several things that makes the pathing system annoying. You have to change the path in the map.html file if you move the directory, and it wont accept paths longer than 8 chars or with spaces and stuff like that. You can actually change the line to

            var basePath = "file:";

This will look for the zoom folders in the folder the map.html file is in. Ofcause this only works if the map.html file is in the same folder as the zoom folders, but you could just make a note in the comments, where you give an example on how to change it for people that want to direct it to another folder. Fx

              /// The base path of the map tiles.
              /// If your map.html file is not in the same folder as the map tiles, then you will need to change this to the map tiles location
              /// Fx:    var basePath = "C:/Map/";


Thank you for the awsome tool. I hope this can help the people out there that still have problems